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Your garage is not a safe place for your pets!

July 12, 2013

Almost every room in your house most likely contains at least one thing that poses a safety risk to your pet. However, one room in particular is filled with so many dangerous items that we would guess it’s the location of most incidents that lead to veterinarian emergency visits. It’s really very dangerous and we are surprised so many animals are allowed in the garage!

pets in garage 

Many pets are put in the garage during the day and many outdoor pets are often allowed in the garage during the winter.  But letting your pet into the garage could be very dangerous. There are multitudes of toxins, sharp objects and dangerous things to consume in the garage. You would be surprised how many pets become ill or injured after spending time in the garage. Aside from high temperatures and exposures to dangers lurking in the garage, your pet may still enjoy spending time in the garage…just be cautious to minimize any risk or exposure by moving any chemicals, machinery, etc. out of reach of your pet (this can be tricky with our feline friends).