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Time for a nail trim?

July 30, 2013

How frequently do you need to trim your pet’s nails?  The answer i
Two things that affect your dog’s nail trimming schedule are their location and their breed. The more active your dog is, the less frequent their nail trim need might be. Walking on rough surfaces can grind down the nail so city dogs and dogs that frequently walk on sidewalks and asphalt need less frequent trimming. Dogs who spend little time outside typically need more frequent trims. Some breeds have nails which grow faster than the average.  For example, Dachshunds and Bassets may need to have their nails groomed more often.s…it depends. There are a number of factors that affect this number and it can range anywhere between three to even eight weeks.

A clear sign of a need for a trim is if you can hear your dog’s nails “click” when he walks, they need to be trimmed. You should also keep an eye out for any changes in your dog’s walk as this might also indicate foot pain from lengthy nails.


Trimming your dog’s nails is important for comfort and good health. Overgrown nails can cause problems such as:

•  Ingrown nails
•  Torn bleeding nails
•  Splayed toes
(deformed feet)
•  Bone and joint problems
•  Hip and back problems

Call us today at (614) 888-4050 to schedule a time for your pet’s nails to be trimmed… just $5.00 if you present this email.  Your pet will LOVE you for such pampering!



What to consider when adopting a pet …

July 19, 2013

When choosing a new pet to add to your family, there are a lot of things to consider. It goes way beyond choosing the right size and looks; it is also about what is underneath. Dogs can be very different – even within a breed – but some traits are pretty consistent within that breed.adoptable pets

Do you need a dog who’s more laid-back? Maybe you’re looking for one who’s more active and outgoing. How about an energetic dog or one who is eager to please? There are hundreds of dog breeds out there.  It is also important to remember that not all breed personality types fit you and your lifestyle.  Whether you opt to conduct research on
your own or call us to discuss your thoughts, make sure you are taking into consideration all of these elements.  We have a few furry friends who happen to be looking for a new home.  If you are considering a new pet, give us a call and we can help you identify which dog and breed would most likely bring joy and love to both your family and your pet!

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Your garage is not a safe place for your pets!

July 12, 2013

Almost every room in your house most likely contains at least one thing that poses a safety risk to your pet. However, one room in particular is filled with so many dangerous items that we would guess it’s the location of most incidents that lead to veterinarian emergency visits. It’s really very dangerous and we are surprised so many animals are allowed in the garage!

pets in garage 

Many pets are put in the garage during the day and many outdoor pets are often allowed in the garage during the winter.  But letting your pet into the garage could be very dangerous. There are multitudes of toxins, sharp objects and dangerous things to consume in the garage. You would be surprised how many pets become ill or injured after spending time in the garage. Aside from high temperatures and exposures to dangers lurking in the garage, your pet may still enjoy spending time in the garage…just be cautious to minimize any risk or exposure by moving any chemicals, machinery, etc. out of reach of your pet (this can be tricky with our feline friends). 

A new puppy is a great deal of fun but also a great responsibility…

July 10, 2013

As puppies grow, they will need quality, routine veterinary care along the way. Their delicate immune systems mean that it is very important to make sure they have all required vaccinations at the right time. Regular checkups with your veterinarian will permit you to monitor your puppy’s growth and health.

The right activity and healthcare are just two parts of the equation for a happy puppy. The other thing puppies need to support their healthy growth is quality nutrition. There are many puppy foods on the market, so how can you be sure that you are choosing a food that will provide for your puppy’s nutritional needs?

You might have heard the expression “garbage in, garbage out” in reference to poor human food choices but it can apply to dogs as well. It’s very important that puppies get complete nutrition from a good-quality food in order to develop properly. A happy, long life begins with a diet designed to support your puppy’s growing, changing body. Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t feed adult dog food to a puppy.
  • Choose a good puppy food that will provide all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients recommended by your veterinarian.
  • Avoid foods high in “fillers” such as corn and wheat with little or no nutritional value.
  • Be wary of additives and preservatives.

Your veterinarian will tell you that good nutrition is of the utmost important to your puppy’s healthy growth. Veterinarians also know that while puppy parents have the best intentions, it’s hard to make the best choices. That’s because many people don’t really know how to tell which puppy foods are good choices and which are low-quality.Our veterinarians recommend Royal Canin puppy food.  The benefits of the Royal Canin food line include:

  • Reduces the formation of tartar
  • L-Carnitine helps metabolize fat
  • Biotin keeps skin and coat clean and healthy
  • Developed with highly digestible proteins for the best possible nutrient absorption and with specific nutrients to support digestive health
  • Higher caloric content aids developing puppies

In addition, the Royal Canin frequent buyer plan offers further savings when you buy 6 bags…you get the 7th free! If you are considering adding a new puppy to your family, make sure to ask us about the best nutrition options to help your new furry family member grow up happy and healthy!