Reduced pricing for spay, neuter and dental cleaning procedures!

Our practice maintains the philosophy that quality medical care should be the expectation of every pet owner. In addition to our competitive  prices, our commitment to delivering quality care for your pet is unparalleled. We never compromise, never waiver from our professional recommendations and always seek to provide the absolute best care for your beloved pet.

At the Animal Hospital of Polaris, we have invested in the latest technology, partnered with reputable vendors and hired the most qualified of professionals in an effort to provide premium care for your pet.

We understand that our clients strive to take great care of their pets but also manage their household budgets. In an effort to help you achieve both, we’ve created new and affordable treatments for your pet.

In our new offering, responsible pet owners can now have their pet spayed or neutered for the following:

  • Cat/Dog Spay procedures start at $150.
  • Cat/Dog Neuter procedures start at $100.

Our clients know how important dental health is for their pets and we want to make that more affordable as well.

  • For cats and dogs up to 6 years of age, dental cleanings start at $125!

(Prices for all procedures may be adjusted based upon the weight of your pet as the amount of anesthesia utilized will vary based upon weight). 

Responsible pet owners should consider spay/neuter surgery for their pet and now we make it more affordable.  Our prices might be competitive but our quality of care is unmatched.  




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