Can you be a better pet owner?

There are several things you can do to be a better pet owner.  As a benefit, you’ll be likely to have a happier and healthier pet.  So…what can you do?responsible pet ownership

1.  Spend more time with your pet… dedicating time to them before work, after the workday… it will make a significant difference to your pet.

2.  Keep your pet well groomed or brushed.  It stimulates that skin and rids their coat of dead hair. (oh…and if your house happens to be cleaner as a result…that’s a good thing too!)

3.  Playing is good for both you and your pet… and now is a perfect time (with some perfect weather lately) to get outside and take a walk.

4.  Provide your pet with a healthy and consistent diet with high quality food and (healthy) treats in moderation.

5.   Don’t underestimate the importance of fresh water… clean your pet’s water bowl once daily and make sure they have access to water at all times.

6.   Inside or outside, in their very own doghouse or somewhere on your bed… make sure your pet has a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

7.   Choose safe toys for your pet…select toys that cannot be chewed or swallowed.  Small pieces that can break off and be consumed may cause a possible intestinal foreign body, possibly requiring surgery.

8.   Keep a watchful eye on your pet for dangerous or destructive behaviors.  Be observant with your pets and call your veterinarian to report any odd or problematic behaviors.

9.   Help your pet get a healthy dose of exercise each day… even your lazy cat can be enticed to exercise.  Make sure your pets maintain a healthy weight.

10.  Visit your veterinarian on a regular basis and maintain a schedule of wellness and recheck appointments.  Your pet’s needs may change depending on their chronological age, lifestyle or health conditions.


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