Lyme Disease…it can affect your pet and your family… but you can protect both!

Lyme disease is a serious condition that affects dogs and humans and ticks are the number one carrier of Lyme Disease.  Dogs infected with Lyme disease may develop problems like joint swelling, lethargy, lameness, and fever two to five months after the tick bite.ticks

Occasionally, Lyme disease can cause a heart or nervous system problem in your dog. Rarely, kidney failure can occur. If you think your dog has been exposed to ticks, ask your veterinarian for a blood test to detect the antibodies, and, if positive, regular blood tests to monitor Lyme disease titers should be performed.

The good news is that, nine out of ten dogs exposed to the bacteria do not go on to develop Lyme disease.

However, it’s not as rosy a picture for humans. Symptoms resembling the flu can start days or weeks after the infection, and there may be a rash. These symptoms can come and go and, unfortunately, rarely be connected with Lyme disease.

Left untreated, Lyme disease can spread to your brain, heart, and joints. Many people are now discovering that the muscle and joint pain, numbness and tingling, insomnia, memory problems, and a host of other symptoms that they’ve suffered with for years may actually be related to a tick bite they got decades ago.

So, if your dog will be going outdoors this spring and summer (and most dogs spend time outside even if it is just for their daily walk), then you need to protect him and yourself from disease carrying ticks.

The best way to keep ticks – and potential Lyme disease- out of your home is by giving your pet high quality flea and tick prevention medication.  In addition, your dog should receive the Lyme Disease vaccine.  The vaccine is administered in a 2-part dose for the regular price of $60; however, throughout the month of May, your dog can receive both vaccine dosages for a total of $40 and the exam fee is waived.  Call us today to schedule your dog’s appointment and help to protect your pet and your family!

Remember that we are open late and on the weekends to help care for your pet:
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