Fall is still prime flea season…save on Frontline & get $15 to spend!

Year-Round Flea Protection


Many pet owners mistakenly believe that fleas die off and are out of sight in the fall (and therefore out of mind) but nothing can be further from the truth. Temperatures are still warm enough outside, so fleas are still actively breeding. In addition, there’s typically an increase in precipitation in the fall months and fleas love the moisture. Fleas can also live inside your warm home and will continue to multiply until you do something about it.

Pet owners often choose to let their dogs go without protection in the fall and winter, leaving them at great risk for picking up these pesky pests in the yard, by the lake or on a walk. Did you know? Fleas can jump 8-12 inches – easily able to attach to your furry friend. Within 30 minutes, those little vampires start sucking your dog’s blood. In just 24 hours, a flea will start breeding. Without treatment, these little bloodsuckers can live six to 12 months … feeding on your poor dog the whole time.

The flea eggs begin hatching within two-five days and the whole lifecycle of the flea continues until your pets, your carpets … even your bed are infested with those itchy and nasty pests.

Don’t be fooled by cooler weather! Just because the temperatures start dropping outside doesn’t mean the fleas will die off in your home. They’re still nice and warm inside your home … breeding and multiplying to your dog’s (and your) irritation.

Now that you know how serious the flea problem is in the fall, we urge all pet owners to protect your beloved pets against these nasty, icky and painful pests. There’s no reason any dog should go unprotected this fall. If price is an issue, not to worry! We have a great deal for you.

Frontline Plus: Buy 6 doses, Get 2 FREE (PLUS $15.00 to spend)

The key to all-year-round flea control is continued monthly application of FRONTLINE PLUS, even in cooler weather. FRONTLINE PLUS kills all stages of the flea life cycle to protect your pets and their home environment
from flea infestation. If you purchase 6 doses of Frontline between now and October 31st, you will not only receive 2 Free doses but you’ll receive a check for $15.00 from the makers of Frontline to be used for any product or service offered at the Animal Hospital of Polaris.


Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or coupons.




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