Our pets LOVE their toys!

Why do we give dogs toys? Because toys make them happy! But they’re also necessary for your dog’s mental health. What kind of toys does your dog like to play with?  Squeaker toys are by far some of the most popular. But here’s the question on most dog owners’ minds:  If my dog loves playing with squeaker toys so much, why does he destroy them in a matter of minutes?

Dogs attacking their squeaker toys is a common complaint. It’s not unusual for a dog to go afterPet toys a squeaker toy like crazy until he finally “kills” it by ripping the squeaker out.  The dog loves the toy – why would he destroy it and not be able to play with it anymore? The truth is that this kind of play behavior is based on instinct. “Killing” a squeaker toy is the dog’s objective – that’s the real fun of it for them. The squeaking noises remind your dog of the natural squeals and chirps made by live prey as they are caught, injured and killed.  So the more the toy squeaks, the more excited your dog gets. Toys that squeak a lot can make your dog feel like an expert hunter, the king or queen of the pack. The process of ripping out a squeaker can be VERY satisfying to a dog, which is why squeaker toys are quite often a dog’s favorite.

If you are in the market for some fun toys for your furry friend, stop by the Animal Hospital of Polaris and check out the selection of fun and safe toys that will keep your pet happy and entertained.


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