Why is flea & tick prevention important throughout the year? PLUS, buy 6 doses of Frontline & get 2 FREE!

Fleas and ticks are more than mere nuisances. They cause distress in dogs and cats and, more important, they cause disease. Intermittent preventive programs are not the optimal way to safeguard the health of your pets and family.Year-round flea and tick protection

By the time a pet owner notices fleas on a pet, the fleas have injected salivary proteins, transmitted infectious agents and begun laying eggs. Ticks can transmit disease agents to a dog or cat before the pests are found and removed.

Clearly, reactive treatments are insufficient to prevent disease in pets and their owners. We want our patients and their families to be protected…that’s why we are offering the following special:

Frontline: Buy 6 doses, Get 2 FREE*

The key to all-year-round flea control is continued monthly application of FRONTLINE PLUS, even in cooler weather. FRONTLINE PLUS kills all stages of the flea life cycle to protect your pets and their home environment from flea infestation. Stop in today to pick up your FRONTLINE PLUS!

*Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or coupons.


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