The hidden (unsafe) treasures in your trash…

Your trash can could be deadly! One of the most dangerous items that people toss in the trash during the summer and fall months, and you see a lot of them around holidays and picnics… are corncobs. These seemingly harmless little pieces of trash are the cause of hundreds of vet visits each year. dog in trash

What makes these so dangerous? There are several reasons. First, there is often some tasty butter on the corncob and dogs can’t resist. Second, dogs love chewing on the corncobs because of the unique texture.  The cobs are hard to chew up and can easily be ingested in a large chunk that can’t move through a dog’s GI tract. In just a few minutes the remains of a cookout can mean a trip to urgent care for your dog.

In veterinary terms, we call this a life-threatening foreign body or an intestinal obstruction. The corncob often has to be removed surgically and can do a lot of damage while it’s in there. Common signs of a corncob foreign body are vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, lethargy and/or abdominal pain.

Take great caution in protecting your trash from your pet’s curiosity.  Call us immediately if your pet is experiencing any of the symptoms listed above.


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