Did you know almost 73% of U.S. pediatricians reported a case of parasitic infection in children?

Infective hookworm larvae can pass through a person’s skin after contact with contaminated grass or soil. Roundworms can be spread by accidental ingestion of roundworm eggs. The damage hookworms and roundworms inflict in people is different than the damage in dogs, but can cause severe discomfort and serious illness.

To help prevent human cases, owners should:
• Wash hands frequently
• Keep yards free of feces
• Prevent children from playing in sandboxes

• Female hookworms can lay up to 20,000 eggs per day.
• Hookworm prevalence has increased 30% since 2006.

• There are 10,000 roundworm cases per year in humans in the U.S.
• Female roundworms lay up to 100,000 eggs per day.
• 13.9% percent of humans test seropositive for roundworm infection per year in the U.S. alone, as estimated by the CDC.

Take steps to protect both your pet AND your family!  Contact us today at (614)888-4050 to schedule an appointment and discuss how to offer this protection to all of your loved ones!


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