Until the end of Aug., take 10% off a shaving treatment for your Labrador Retriever!

Labrador RetrieverA Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds, both nationally and among our patients in the practice. The Labrador Retriever has double coats of short hair and is a medium but constant shedder. You can shave your Labrador during the shedding phase to minimize the amount of dog hair in your home. Did you know? … The amount of shedding depends on the color of your dog. Yellow Labs shed throughout the year but at a slow pace. A black Labrador, on the other hand, may shed its entire coat in the spring and during the fall.  Recently, Dr. Eaton brought her own yellow Labrador Retriever into the Animal Hospital of Polaris for a day of pampering (and a shave) in the spa!  She is such a happier dog now!  If you have any questions about shaving your Labrador Retriever, call Dr. Eaton @ (614) 888-4050 to discuss the benefits.  Enjoy a 10% discount now through the end of August on a shaving treatment for your Labrador Retriever.  Call us today at (614)888-4050 to schedule an appointment!


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