Feeding Obese or Overweight Dogs


ImageHow much should you feed an overweight or obese dogs?

Here are some general rules:

If your dog is a bit overweight, try increasing the daily exercise routine. Gradually increase exercise over 2 weeks unless limited by a medical condition. If these measures fail, cut out all treats and reduce daily intake of food by up to 25 percent.

If your pet is significantly overweight or obese, stop all treats except vegetables. Increase exercise gradually over 2 to 3 weeks if not limited by a medical condition. If these measures fail, reduce the total daily food amount by 25 to 40 percent and switch to a low fat/high fiber diet. If you still are not observing progress, give us a call at (614) 888-4050 and we will be happy to discuss prescription-type reduction diets that can really be effective while providing balanced nutrition.



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One Response to “Feeding Obese or Overweight Dogs”

  1. roberta4949 Says:

    my dog was gaining weight so I changed her food to lower carb diet. adding cocounut oil or bacon grease or hamburger grease and feeding her in two meals instead of one. dry food is free. she has slimmed down quite abit without restricting caloires.


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