Who knew it could get this hot outside?

Not only is it hot outside but imagine being covered with a fairly thick coat of fur or hair and having to spend time outside on days like today?! Please keep a careful eye on your pet to make certain that they are not overexposed to heat or become dehydrated in weather such as this. 

Summer is a time for people and pets to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors. By taking the following precautions, needless tragedy can be avoided.

» Never leave pets in a parked car, even with the windows down. On a sunny, 65-degree day, temperatures inside a car can reach blistering levels in minutes.

» Pets need exercise no matter the weather, but take extra care with older dogs, short-nosed dogs and those with thick coats. On hot days, limit exercise to early morning or evening hours. Keep in mind that asphalt gets hot and can burn a pet’s paws.

» Fleas are more common in hot weather; check pets frequently for fleas and ticks.

» Plan vacations carefully. It may be best to board animals or arrange for responsible care rather than take animals along on vacations. Many pets get lost on vacations.

» Provide extra water and shelter for animals that live outdoors in the summer.

» Watch pets for signs of heatstroke including excessive panting, salivation, vomiting, anxious or staring expression, fast pulse rate and high body temperature. If a pet exhibits these signs, immerse it in cool water or pour cool water over its head.

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