Meet the Trainer: Ami Jones, MS, KPA-CPT

Ami Jones, Dog Trainer at Animal Hospital of PolarisAmi always had an affinity working with animals from the time she was young.  In college, she diversified her studies (psychology, biology, ecology, anthropology) so that she could have a more well-rounded approach to understanding animal behavior.  She worked with various species and even served as the director of research for an advanced tropical ecology field school in Costa Rica.  There, she was able to release three rehabilitated black handed spider monkeys into their native habitat. In graduate school, Ami wanted to continue this multi-faceted approach and therefore earned a Masters in Evolution, Ecology and Behavior.  Her Masters project & thesis focused on the types of bonds exhibited between group members of social species.  She studied how these bonds are formed and maintained over time, and even examined how triadic interactions affect dyadic dynamics.

Well over 50% of the animals surrendered to shelters are there because of behavioral problems.  Knowing this, Ami further diversified her studies and earned national certification as a dog trainer.  Ami wanted to utilize her knowledge about the behavior of social species, bonds and how animals learn best in order to help pet owners obtain the healthiest relationship possible with their pets.  Her ultimate goal is to help bridge the human/pet communication gap.  She wants to help owners and their pets create and maintain a strong, secure and healthy bond throughout the duration of their lives.  This is why Ami only uses force-free methods and positive reinforcement training.  On the plus side, it has also been shown to be the most effective method of training that exists!  She offers puppy and adult classes, private lessons and more.

Learn more about our exciting new dog/puppy training courses on this blog or give us a call at (614) 888-4050.


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