While driving north on 23 on Saturday…

I noticed that yet another “pet resort” was under construction.  Although this new facility may be close in geographic proximity, they are far removed in what they offer in comparison to the pet resort at the Animal Hospital of Polaris.  Here are some things to consider when selecting a kennel or resort for your pet while you are away from home:

  • Make certain that your kennel/resort facility has a veterinarian on staff AND on site! The health and safety of your pet depends on it.
  • Don’t pay extra for walks…. at the Animal Hospital of Polaris, our nightly rate includes 6-7 walks with your pet.  At other pet resorts, they charge $1.75 per walk!
  • Don’t pay extra for administering medication to your pet.  Our nightly rate includes ALL care for your pet, including the administration of their needed medication.  Other facilities charge an average of $6.00 per dose of medication administered.
  • Not only can the Animal Hospital of Polaris care for your canine companion while you are away, we have a designated resort just for your furry feline or even your exotic pet.

Don’t be fooled by a large warehouse that calls itself a “pet resort”…they have neither the staff nor the knowledge of how to best care for your pet.

If you are planning a trip for Easter or for this upcoming summer, give us a call and make a reservation at a facility that you know and trust.  Call us today @ 614-888-4050  to make your pet’s reservation.


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