Pay attention to your pet’s ears!

Not that we’ve had much snow for our furry friends to play in but just this morning, I noticed that my dog was playing in the snow…or so I thought!  Turns out, his ears (he’s a lab) were irritating him and the cold from the snow was probably soothing the pain he was feeling.

The inner side of the ear should be a healthy pink color. A small amount of black discharge may be observed.  If you observe a more significant amount of discharge (like I did), you will want to make an appointment so that a veterinarian can determine if your pet needs a good ear cleaning or if there is something more serious occuring.  Ear infections are common in specific breeds but all breeds may be prone to ear infections.  Some signs that your pet may have an ear infection include:

Severe otitis externa in a four year old Cocke...

  • redness
  • discharge
  • odor
  • head shaking
  • ear scratching
  • rubbing ears on the floor or other surfaces (such as a snow covered back patio?!)

Call us today at (614)888-4050 to make an appointment if you suspect your pet may need a thorough ear cleaning or may even have an infection.


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