Meet Ashley Ashbrook, Boarding Tech at Animal Hospital of Polaris!

Ashley Ashbrook, Boarding Technician at Animal Hospital of Polaris

Ashley Ashbrook has a demanding job.  She is a boarding technician at Animal Hospital of Polaris.  It’s her responsibility to provide individual attention to each of our doggie daycare and extended stay visitors.  It isn’t easy getting to know each pet’s wants and needs, but it comes naturally to Ashley.

Ashley, what do you like most about your job?
I like getting to know the animals on a very one-on-one level, making sure I make them happy and understand the need that each one requires.  I love forming the “unspoken bond” and watching how much owners really love their pets.

What is the hardest part?
Seeing the sick or injured pets is hard.  I do my best to get their mind off of it.  Also, seeing pets go home.  But, I’m very glad they all have such great owners who bring them to AHOP!

Do you have pets?
I have two pets. Mine is a Papillion named Gizmo.  He is the best!  My husband’s dog is a Chihuahua mix named Bo.  They both love to play!

Do you have a favorite pet?
My favorite pets are my own, but each dog/cat has a spot in my heart.  I love wolves and Huskies.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I have a daughter that’s two years old.  I love how well she also bonds with the animals.  During my free time I enjoy helping out local dog shelters.

Be sure to say “hi” to Ashley next time you are at Animal Hospital of Polaris!


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