ALERT: Pet Food Recall

A supermarket's pet food aisle

Dry dog food manufacturers are continuing to recall bags of food due to high levels of aflatoxin.

Yet another manufacturer has announced a recall of dry dog food due to higher than acceptable limits of aflatoxin, and an additional manufacturer has issued new affected lot numbers from an earlier recall.

The recalls began Dec. 7, 2011, when Cargill Animal Nutrition announced that it was removing batches of its dry dog food (River Run and Marksman) from store shelves because of elevated levels of aflatoxin.

Since then, Proctor & Gamble (Iams puppy food), Advanced Animal Nutrition (Dog Power food) and now O’Neal’s Feeders Supply (Arrow Brand dog food) have all recalled batches of their dog food within the last three weeks.

O’Neal’s Feeders Supply of DeRidder, LA, announced Dec. 13, 2011 that it has recalled an entire year’s worth of dry Arrow Brand dog food due to corn with elevated levels of aflatoxin. The recall affects food manufactured between Dec. 1, 2010 and Dec. 1, 2011.

We have recommended Royal Canin products for many years and their commitment to research and development along with quality in their manufacturing process has repeatedly offered peace of mind.  Royal Canin puts the dog and cat first and tailor makes their food in line with your pet’s real nutritional needs. While Royal Canin might not be the lowest cost food option, the quality of the product is still an exceptional value considering their commitment to quality nutrition for your pet.  Ask us about maintenance diet options with Royal Canin as well as how their special lines of food may be best suited for your pet.


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