Are you REALLY a responsible pet owner?

Responsible Pet Ownership

What is it that defines a responsible dog owner? What special qualities does it take to be considered “responsible?”

There are some specific traits that make a person stand out as a “good” or “responsible”…

1.  Consistently feeds good quality food and treats. A good quality diet is one important key to good health.

2.  Vaccinates pets.  Pets that have received all recommended vaccinations avoid the common risks of problem viruses. Good pet owners vaccinate their pets.

3.  Pets are spayed or neutered. Pets that are “fixed” are less likely to roam or exhibit aggression and breeding-related issues.

4.  Maintains a collar with tags and possibly a microchip. Up-to-date identification is important in case your pet is lost or gets away from you. This is especially important if your pet should be injured and a hospital is trying to reach you.

5.  Maintains a pet-safe home and yard. A home and yard that is free of toxins such as slug bait, antifreeze and other poisons is essential to your dog’s safety.

6.  Constantly supplies fresh clean water. A constant supply of fresh clean water is key to your dog’s good health.

7.  Keeps pets on a leash. Dogs that are allowed to roam free are more commonly traumatized and victimized. Keep your dog on a leash and keep him safe.

8.  Practices prevention so dogs don’t suffer needlessly. Great dog owners prevent the preventable problems with de-wormers, heartworm prevention, and tick control and flea prevention medications.

9.  Plans for unforeseen problems. Responsible dog owners plan ahead so they will be able to afford proper medical care should their pet have problems. They prepare by saving money or by insuring their pet while the pet is still healthy. This helps them to provide quality medical care for their pet in the case of an emergency or illness. One way to do this is to have pet insurance.

10.  Gives daily love and attentive observation. Good dog owners give their dog daily love and attention and observe their dog’s attitude, appetite and behavior for signs of problems.

If you have any questions on being a responsible pet owner or need help to practice responsible pet ownership….give us a call today at (614) 888-4050…we have lots of ideas and suggestions to help you care for your pet!


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