Tips and tricks for photographing your favorite furry friend …

For those of you who made it out to our Winter Wooferland photography sessions, you had an opportunity to be photographed by a professional but if you are attempting to take your own photos this holiday season (and you want to include the furriest member of your family), here are some helpful hints:

Get Acquainted:  Your pet can be anxious around new equipment, new people so let your pet explore the camera…take a few test shots and let your pet even smell the camera.

Brighten Up:  An indoor flash can be particularly offensive to your pet so for a more flattering photo, pick a well-lit indoor room and have your pet sit near a window or consider using natural light and take the photo outdoors.

Bring a Bribe (bait):  Use snacks to get your pet in a good mood.  Most pets (and people, for that matter) are motivated by food…so why not use treats as encouragement.

Move to their level:  The most personal interaction and best photographs will come from getting down on the ground to take the shot.

Act Silly:  For some of us, acting silly around our pets comes naturally!  Your pet will perk up and you’ll get a great photograph if you are willing to initiate play, roll around on the ground and even get your children involved.  Use toys, a funny voice and make noises to encourage your playful pet.

Capture the moment:  Sometimes the best photographs are the ones that come naturally through everyday activities such as taking a walk, throwing a ball, etc.  Consider a candid shot!

Don’t give up:  Thank goodness for the era of digital photography where it may take 375 clicks to get just one great picture.  Since there is no harm in hitting the ‘delete’ button, take as many photographs as you’d like and try as many of the above mentioned techniques as you can…your pet won’t get tired, they LOVE the attention!


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