We love our furry feline friends…

We even like to say that we cater to our cat lovers.  Recently, we’ve made some operational changes to make our clients and their cats more comfortable while at the Animal Hospital of Polaris.  We’ve now dedicated a quiet, isolated waiting area just for our feline friends and also utilize certain exam rooms just for cats…all in an effort to decrease the anxiety for both the pet and for the owner.  We know that when you worry less, your pet can sense that!

In addition, did you know…??

1. That we have a special boarding area as part of our extended stay resort that is allocated just for caring for cats who are staying at the clinic while their owners are away!

2.  Even in our clinical treatment facility, we have a specialized boarding area for cats that separates them from our canine clients, further reducing anxiety and stress on your pet!

3.  Our facility offers a large selection of specialty and prescription cat food and cat treats.  In addition, we even have a unique selection of cat toys to engage your pet!

4.  That our grooming department offers pampering for your pet, including the ever popular “lion cut” for those cats cool enough to sport such a look!

Call us today at (614)888-4050 to schedule a time to tour our facility, schedule your cat’s next wellness exam or pamper your pet in our spa!


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