An all too common pet injury … a torn nail

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If you happen to notice that there is blood on your dog’s paw and he is limping and licking his paw…he may have torn a nail.  Toenail problems, specifically torn or broken nails, are common in dogs but rarely life-threatening. Nevertheless, they are quite painful for your pet.

Nails often get snagged on fabric or carpet fibers, and in an attempt to dislodge the attached material, your dog might pull away, tearing the nail in the process. You might not even notice until you see blood or your dog begins to limp or cry. If left untreated, a torn nail can bleed intermittently and become infected, not to mention the pain and irritation for your dog.

Some torn nails can be treated at home if your pet will allow it, but veterinary care can reduce the potential for infection and provide easy removal of the torn nail. Depending on the extent of the tear, removal of the nail at the level of tear is usually sufficient. This is most easily done with nail trimmers. After removal of the broken part, your veterinarian may apply a temporary bandage to stop bleeding. He may also prescribe an antibiotic to prevent infection.

If you find your pet suffering from a torn nail, don’t take any chances…give us a call immediately.  Chances are…we are open and available to quickly and easily help your pet.  Also, by keeping your pet’s nails trimmed, you’ll reduce the risk of a tear or break… give us a call today @ 614-888-4050 and make an appointment to stop in for a quick nail trim.


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One Response to “An all too common pet injury … a torn nail”

  1. Dallas Dog Groomer Says:

    Poor little dog. My dog has been aching that way too until I had found that my dog has broke nails. I guess I need to trim my dog’s nails most of the time.

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