Canine Respiratory Infections are on the rise right here in Central Ohio…

We are asked almost every week why we require certain vaccines (while other clinics may not).  Our answer is that we take great care and caution to protect your pet, whether being seen for veterinary care, boarding at the pet resort, or getting pampered in the spa.  Not only are we exceptionally concerned with the health and welfare of your pet but also our staff, other pets and even your family.

What is the H3N8 virus (Canine Respiratory Virus)?  This virus is highly contagious and easily spread in environments where dogs are housed together in communal spaces:  kennels, pet stores, dog parks, grooming facilities and doggie daycares.  This virus is not seasonal but sporadic and although the virus was discovered almost 5 years ago, there has been a recent surge in the number of canine respiratory cases here in Central Ohio.

Dogs who are suffering from this virus will experience a persistent cough, nasal discharge, fever, vomiting and in some instances, it leads to pneumonia.  The virus is spread through direct contact, coughing, sneezing and exposure to contaminated surfaces. Interestingly, all research to date shows that 100% of dogs exposed to the virus become infected.   Unfortunately, there is a rather significant mortality rate with this virus as well, assessed between 5-8%.

Dogs with symptoms of respiratory infections are contagious to other dogs. Sick pets should avoid dog parks, doggy day cares and other areas where large groups of dogs congregate.

Call us today at (614) 888-4050 to schedule an appointment for your favorite furry friend if you suspect they may have a respiratory infection or for a wellness exam (with vaccines that help prevent these types of illnesses)! The cost to vaccinate your dog is $40.00 (this is a series of two (2) injections, 2-3 weeks apart) if your pet has had an annual exam within the past 12 months @ the Animal Hospital of Polaris.


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