Is it okay to spoil your pet rotten?

Happy Dog, Water Play
Image by cobalt123 via Flickr

We don’t think so but it all depends on what you do to spoil your furry friend. Most clients tend to spoil their pet with things such as belly rubs, doggie daycare, kisses, special toys, tons of play and excercise…and, of course, a loving home?

The one thing that you shouldn’t spoil your pet with is table scraps.  Not that your pet may not try to help themselves to a sandwich left unattended at the table or a cookie left too close to the edge of the kitchen counter…but we encourage our pet owners to avoid showing their love to their pet with food that may actually be detrimental to their overall health.

We would much prefer that you grab a leash and take an extended walk with your pooch or snuggle with your favorite feline than to share your dinner plate. 🙂


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