How do I know if I’m feeding my pet too much or too little?

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We often get a lot of questions about food, especially regarding how much a dog should eat.  How much should your dog eat?   Well … it depends.   It’s not as simple as saying your dog should eat one cup or two.

Every food has different caloric densities and every dog has varying caloric needs based on your pooch’s innate make-up and exercise level.

So… how do you know how much to feed?

1. First, you need to determine if your dog is an ideal weight, too thin or too fat.

2. Second, weigh your pet and determine a baseline weight.

3. Third, start feeding.

Then… this is what you do:

• If your dog is at an ideal weight – We recommend feeding the mid-range recommendations posted on the bag.

• If your pet is under-weight – then feed the high-end range on the bag based on their weight.

• If your furry friend is overweight – then feed on the low range on the bag based on their weight.

After you feed for 2 weeks, weigh and reevaluate your dog. Determine if their weight went up or down relative to the goal and how much you should feed going forward.

If your pet’s weight was ideal and it increased, then decrease the amount you are feeding by 20 percent. Feed for 2 weeks and weigh them again. If the weight is the same and you believe your dog’s weight is ideal, then you are probably feeding the proper amount.  If your pet lost weight, then increase the amount by 20 percent, etc.

We hope that this gives you some helpful information and guidelines on how much to feed your pet. Remember, every dog is different.  The most important thing to do is to feed a good quality food.  Call us today at  (614) 888-4050 for a FREE weight analysis with a Registered Veterinary Technician who can also make a recommendation for the ideal food (and quantity) for your pet.


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