Is your pet ever anxious when you leave the house?

Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph, ...

Image by Beverly & Pack via Flickr

Consider soothing your pet with the sound of music when you are away from home.  Music is good for the soul. They say it calms the savage beast. And it turns out that’s more than just an old wives’ tale. It’s a proven fact.

Did you know? Classical harp music is used around the world to help alleviate stress and heal sickness in dogs, cats, chimpanzees and other animals. Even animal shelters spend money on sound systems and music to create a more serene environment. Studies show that dogs and cats prefer classical music. Cats will relax in front of the speakers when classical music is playing, and dogs will actually bark less – especially when listening to the music of Bach.

So the next time you leave the house, forget turning on the television to alleviate stress and anxiety for your pet… find or create a CD of soothing music that you can play (and put the recording on “repeat”) for your favorite furry friends!


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