Does your pet like to cuddle or snuggle?

Cuddle Dogs

Image by pixeljones via Flickr

Whether in bed or on the couch, is your pooch a cuddler? We  love to watch a dog that likes to cuddle with his toys. It just makes you smile to know how comfortable they are.

Dogs that cuddle are adorable. And some of the cuddle toys that are currently available for dogs are pretty adorable, too. But all cuddle toys are not created equal. When you choose a cuddle toy for your dog, it should be much more than just cute. It should be safe.

So how do you know if a plush toy is safe? Here are some tips. 

Some plush toys have tiny “parts” attached that your dog can easily chew off and swallow. Inspect the toy before you buy it. Are there eyes, buttons, bells or other pieces that your dog could rip off and swallow?

Is the toy well made? Look at the construction. Will your dog be able to easily chew it apart? Look for a plush toy that is sewn with reinforced seams for added strength. If the toy is not made to be durable, your dog could rip it apart and swallow the pieces, the stuffing and any squeakers the toy has inside. This could lead to serious problems.

That is why those toys sold at our “mini-Moochie” store at the Animal Hospital of Polaris are so popular…because they are fun, adorable and best of all…they are safe!  Stop in today to see the selection of items to spoil your pet!


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