Donate blood and receive a free heartworm test for your pet!

Flag of the Red Cross
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Animal Hospital of Polaris will be hosting a blood drive on Saturday, April 2nd. The Red Cross’s Bloodmobile will be at the Animal Hospital of Polaris from 9 am –3 pm. Giving blood is very important! Please take time out to donate! For those moms and dads of pets who are donating blood, they can bring in their furry friends on Saturday only and receive a FREE Heartworm test (a $22.00 savings) to ensure a healthy heart! This offer is good only for Saturday, April 2nd.  Limit: one test per person donating blood.

According to the Red Cross, the blood supply in our nation needs to be continuously replenished. Only 38% of Americans are eligible to donate blood and of those only 8% do. That amounts to only about 3 out of every 100 people. For every pint of blood donated, you could potentially save THREE lives!

Those wishing to donate can sign up by calling the Animal Hospital of Polaris at 614-888-4050 and selecting a time that is most convenient.

Please feel free to pass this offer along to your friends and neighbors. The cost savings is significant and so is the contribution to our community.

Call us today at 614-888-4050 for more information!


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