When should you worry about pet vomit?

Each week at The Animal Hospital of Polaris, we see many cases of a pet experiencing recurring or serious vomiting.   At one time or another your pet may have a bout of vomiting.  Usually, your pet will have eaten something disagreeable, eaten too much or too fast, exercised too soon after eating or any number of non-serious conditions.  Vomiting may be a sign of a very minor problem…or it may be a sign of something very serious.

There are multiple causes of vomiting.   An occasional, infrequent isolated episode of vomiting is usually normal and may not necessarily be cause for a rushed trip to our offices.  You’ll want to monitor the duration and frequency of vomiting in your pet.   If, for example, the vomiting continues after your pet eats or if your pet acts lethargic, or doesn’t want to eat, then immediate medical attention is warranted.

Vomiting is a symptom that can be caused by disorders of the gastrointestinal system or it can be secondary to a disease from a different system (such as from cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, or infectious diseases).  This can make the diagnosis of the cause of the vomiting a challenge but in cases of frequent and prolonged vomiting…run, don’t walk to your veterinarian!

Athough we have a regular veterinarian at The Animal Hospital of Polaris, we are available to see patients on an emergency basis at an affordable cost.   So, providing an alternative to local, dedicated emergency clinics will save you money, reduce anxiety and provide a more convenient option.


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