3 Resolutions for your Pets

Most of us have spent time this past week contemplating, listing and committing to resolutions for the upcoming year.  We’d like to challenge you to include your pets and their care in your resolutions.  Consider the following:

1. Brush, Brush, Brush: It is amazing how the dental health of your pet can impact their overall level of health.  With February rapidly approaching and recognizing that month as “Dental Health Month”, it is a great time to be reminded that our pets deserve a new toothbrush and yummy toothpaste… and a commitment from us as owners to take better care of our furry friend’s teeth!

2.  Healthy Body Weight: Admit it….you made a resolution to either lose weight in 2011 or eat healthier or exercise more (or all three if you are really committed).  Why not extend these same resolutions to your pet?  Take more walks with your pet, consider how healthy the food you serve to your pet really is and if you have questions about your pet’s weight, talk with one of our technicians or veterinarians.  Our Pudgy Paws program might be a perfect tool for your pet to return to a safe and healthy weight…give us a call today and we’ll fill you in on the details!

3.  Annual Examinations: Here’s an important resolution…taking your pet to the veterinarian for their annual examination.  The earlier you can catch any concerns or signs of disease the better.  It seems so easy to do and yet with our busy lives, time slips away and we forget to schedule the ever important annual examinations that keep our furry family members healthy.  For those senior pets (those over the age of 7), our recommendation is for twice annual examinations to stay ahead of any potential health concerns for aging pets.

We know it is hard enough to make and commit to our own resolutions…but our pets are important and we should consider a commitment to their overall health as well.  If you should have any questions or need to schedule that annual examination, give us a call today at (614)-888-4050!


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