4 Ways to Keep Your Beloved Pets Safe Over the Holidays

After three years of repeated vomiting each holiday season, a fake tree is now our only option! After decades of enjoying the scent of real pine, it took only two, small cats to change tradition. Our rather beautiful cats love to consume pine needles like you and I munch on popcorn….only to vomit shortly thereafter. Perhaps one cycle of consuming the pine needles from the Christmas tree and the act of vomiting might prevent our beloved kitties from continuing to endulge but noooooo…. our posh pets ate and vomited, ate and vomited… until we could take it no more!

Turns out that pets enggage in all sorts of odd (and potentially dangerous) behaviors during the holiday season. We see pets during this time of year who like to consume tinsel (warning: don’t pull or tug at the tinsel…just snip off the exposed string) and then there are dogs and cats who find the twinkle of holiday lights just too irrisistable. It is not uncommon for our furry friends to enjoy the crunch of wires…giving them quite the shock.

Consider the following to keep your pets safe this holiday season:

1. Don’t wrap chocolate as a gift and place it under the tree, our pets can sniff it out and feast….keep chocolate out of the reach of pets.

2. Poinsettias may be pretty but if consumed by your pet (although only mildly toxic), may result in mild vomiting and nausea.

3. Enjoy your turkey but don’t share….with your pet. Bones can splinter and cause blockage. In fact, don’t share any of YOUR holiday meal…instead…make one that is safe, festive and tasty for your pet.

4. Not only might your cat like the pine tree needles but does your dog drink from the water intended to hydrate the tree? Sipping from the tree stand might result in nausea as the fertilizers used on the tree leak into the water.

We don’t mean to take the joy out of the season, we just wanted to make you aware of some of the antics our pets get involved in during this time of the year! If you should ever have any questions or need urgent care for your pet, give us a call at (614) 888-4050…we’re here!


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